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About Indiashowrooms

Indiashowrooms is a one stop shop for all your Retail Requirements, from shopping centers to malls & high streets, we provide our clients with a choice of the best Retail Locations in Delhi & NCR, the very best advice; fast efficient service and good working relationships.

Indus Franchise & Showrooms Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (IFSC) has acquired a unique reputation for its approach to all that is Retail and represents a number of national/multinational firms for their retail real estate needs. The Company is a partnership of individuals with years of rich experience in the field and has progressively developed capabilities to augment retail real estate activities. Indus can provide complete retail property requirements throughout Delhi & NCR.

The Company with its superior service model in the field uniformly produces excellent value results for all our clients. Our professional staff includes site selection specialists, project managers, legal advisors to complete any anticipated property transaction for our clients.

We work to insure that the client is comfortable with the process and, more importantly, that the clients goals are met or exceeded. We perform and maintain in-depth research in house, so we can give you an accurate picture of current trends. We understand your business objective and utilize our in-depth knowledge of retailing and the the property market to help achieve your aims.

We are the intelligent choice in retail property consultancy.

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